DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 D, dwalls datalogger, diaphragm walls, dwalls, sensors, inclination, rotation, compass, tilt, depth, encoder, LCD, computer, keyboard, display

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100

JET DSP 100 datalogger records several parameters depending on version and connected sensors:

  • IR version, for Lugeon tests, Permeability tests, Grouting (pressure, flow-rate, volume, time, duration);
  • D version, for Diaphragm walls and Hydromills (depth, speed, inclination, deviation, rotation, time, duration).

Data are displayed in real time on the LCD monitor and recorded on internal memory. Afterwards, all recorded data are downloaded to a PC in order to file them and to print graphics.

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 IR, grouting datalogger, pressure sensor, flow sensor, quantity sensor, grout, Lugeon test, Lugeon, Permeability, LCD, computer, keyboard, display

JET DSP 100, the project.

Internal board, design of schematic and printed circuit layout with following specifications:

  • central microprocessor;
  • real time clock, I2C;
  • eeprom memory, 4 banks, SPI;
  • switching power supply stage;
  • keyboard port;
  • liquid crystal display (LCD) port;
  • USB host port, for pen-drives;
  • RS232 port, with USB PC adapter;
  • wireless port for sensor;
  • analog inputs (jumper selectable: 0-5V or 4-20mA);
  • buzzer, status LEDs.

Keyboard, design of schematic and layout.

Windows PC software, see JET DSP 100 download and JET S 104 project.

Programming languages: Assembler, C, VB.

For further info: http://www.datinstruments.com/

Further info on data loggers: http://www.datarecorder.eu/

IR version, project started on: February, 2004. Status: in production.
D version, project started on: June, 2006. Status: in production.

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