Rimozione Virus Marware AdWare Android

Rimuovere un virus da smartphone Android (adware di sistema)

Il virus per smartphone Android Recentemente mi è capitato che il mio smartphone Android si comportasse in modo tanto strano quanto fastidioso. Ogni pochi minuti, comparivano dei popup che mi imponevano di installare delle app. I popup avevano il logo di Facebook in alto a destra, ma si capiva che era un logo fasullo. Le […]

SEO tips, Search Engine Optimization tips: boost your website on search engines. SEO guide. Seo techniques.

Best 19 SEO techniques, Search Engine Optimization guide

Have you got a website? Do you want to see it in the top position in search engine results? Ultimate SEO techniques are important to let your web site achieve top position in search engine results. Why? Because websites are not generally optimized. You may have a beautiful website, but, if not optimized, nobody will […]

Server Restore, MONDOARCHIVE, restore software, MONDORESTORE backup software, Linux, CentOS

How to perform a server restore

Server restore, Mondo Rescue In the post “how to perform a server backup” you have learnt how to perform a server backup using MondoRescue. You created one or more ISO images with all files present in your hard disk. Of course this ISO file is outside your dead server! If you are working with virtual […]

Useful Linux commands, CentOS, server administrator, SSH, server auditor, ExtraPutty

Useful Linux commands for Server Administrators

This is a list of useful Linux commands for Server Administrators. Please use following commands on a CentOS server. You can connect via SSH to your Linux server using ExtraPutty or ServerAuditor. How to access your server via SSH? Follow this link: http://www.valoroso.it/linux-server-lamp-and-mail-for-hosting-purposes/. Useful Linux commands: update You should check periodically for updates. Run: yum […]

Server Backup, FileZilla, LFTP, MONDOARCHIVE, backup software, Linux, CentOS

How to perform a server backup

Server backup against misfortune Now it is time to add some extra protection by installing a good server backup software. VestaCP has its own daily server backup service. It is good enough, but backup files are still on your server hard disk. Moreover VestaCP does not backup Linux files and software configurations. What I suggest […]

You need to add server protection in order to prevent hacker attacks.

How to add server protection to your Linux hosting

If you set up a Linux LAMP and mail server, you need to add some protection. There are a lot of hackers and spammers around your server. And also some misfortune. What I suggest is: install some utilities against hackers or spammers; install a good backup software. All software here described is free. Server protection […]

CentOS, 6.5, Linux, server, installation, distribution

How to set up a Linux Server, LAMP and mail for hosting purposes

This tutorial lets you set up your own hosting server. It can be installed in a virtual machine, or on a dedicated server. It works on 32 and 64 bits processors. This LAMP and mail server is provided with: Apache, PHP, MySQL, Exim and many other utilities. LAMP and mail are controlled by VestaCP control […]