MPLEX, sonda per porte logiche, circuiti integrati, porta LPT, QBasic, QuickBasic

MPLEX logic ports probe

MPLEX was an interesting project that I used to inspect integrated circuits and logic ports.
The project consisted of a LPT interface board, which was connected to the PC parallel port, and of a software running on QuickBasic.
The first version of the software was text based, but the second, release some months after, one was graphical.

MPLEX, Amedeo Valoroso, QBasic, QuickBasic, logic port probe, logic ports tester

Unfortunately, I found only the two versions of the software, but I cannot find the interface board schematic. Maybe I will find the board, in the future, and I will update this post with the pictures.
The MPLEX software, together with the interface, allowed to set and reset the pin of a logic port and read the output. It was also possible to load a sequence of logic levels and transmit it to the logic port.

Programming language: Microsoft QuickBasic.
Project started on: Aug, 1994. Status: just for personal use.

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