Basic language programming tutorial course Commodore, Commodore 16, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore PET, Commodore Plus4, Commodore Vic20, C16 C128 C64, IBM DOS MicroSoft GWBASIC, episode # 1

Basic language programming course, #1

Today special topic! The Basic language programming course begins! Today’s video is about creating a very simple program (the video is in Italian, but you can activate English subtitles). Let’s see how to type the program, how to view the […]

Server Restore, MONDOARCHIVE, restore software, MONDORESTORE backup software, Linux, CentOS

How to perform a server restore

Server restore, Mondo Rescue In the post “how to perform a server backup” you have learnt how to perform a server backup using MondoRescue. You created one or more ISO images with all files present in your hard disk. Of […]

Useful Linux commands, CentOS, server administrator, SSH, server auditor, ExtraPutty

Useful Linux commands for Server Administrators

This is a list of useful Linux commands for Server Administrators. Please use following commands on a CentOS server. You can connect via SSH to your Linux server using ExtraPutty or ServerAuditor. How to access your server via SSH? Follow […]

Server Backup, FileZilla, LFTP, MONDOARCHIVE, backup software, Linux, CentOS

How to perform a server backup

Server backup against misfortune Now it is time to add some extra protection by installing a good server backup software. VestaCP has its own daily server backup service. It is good enough, but backup files are still on your server […]

You need to add server protection in order to prevent hacker attacks.

How to add server protection to your Linux hosting

If you set up a Linux LAMP and mail server, you need to add some protection. There are a lot of hackers and spammers around your server. And also some misfortune. What I suggest is: install some utilities against hackers […]