JET SDP, DAT instruments, datalogger, display


The JET SDP project, carried out on behalf of DAT instruments, was created to meet the needs of simplicity and completeness. The JET SDP is a small operator panel with built-in datalogger. It measures and records different parameters, depending on the sensors [...]

DAT instruments, JET WXYZ, DAT WXYZ, inertial sensor, dwalls sensor, diaphragm walls, dwalls, sensors, inclination, rotation, compass, tilt, depth, encoder

Inertial sensor DAT WXYZ

The WXYZ DAT inertial sensor is installed on the buckets that make the excavation of the diaphragms. The sensor measures and records the following parameters: inclination (measured by a biaxial tilt sensor); deviation (calculated from the inclination and depth measured by a [...]

Control Casa, Control Manager, iPad, home automation, home automation, floor plan, building automation

Home Automation: Control Casa and Control Manager

Home Control Home Automation and Home Automation Control Manager are home automation systems, which provide complete automation and remote connectivity. Home Control Home Automation, the system The Home Control home automation system consists of: a central processing unit, which takes care of sending [...]

DAT X2, Lifter for tunneling, centre layer boom, platforms, on digger, Italmec, DAT instruments, Amedeo Valoroso

DAT X2, control system for lifting equipment

DAT X2 is the new version of the control system for 3CTR tunnel lifting equipment. It is installed on three-arm lifters for tunnels: two baskets to lift the workers, as well as a central arm to lift the [...]

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 D, dwalls datalogger, diaphragm walls, dwalls, sensors, inclination, rotation, compass, tilt, depth, encoder, LCD, computer, keyboard, display


I carried out the jet DSP 100 project on behalf of DAT instruments. It is a small operator panel, equipped with a graphic monitor and keyboard consisting of only three buttons, with built-in datalogger. The JET DSP 100 measures and [...]

DAT CB CPU, DAT instruments, programmable logic controller, by Amedeo Valoroso

DAT CB, programmable controllers

DAT CB programmable controllers are a set of programmable electronic boards. Many projects carried out by DAT instruments use these electronic boards. I started designing these programmable controllers in March of 2002 and, years later, this set [...]

DAT instruments, JET 4000 AME I, datalogger, grouting, Lugeon tests, GIN, Permeability, Pressure, Flow, Volume, LCD, computer, keyboard, pen drives

JET 4000 AME

The JET 4000 AME project was developed to meet the needs of completeness and robustness. The JET 4000 AME is in fact a control panel and datalogger, full of functions, constantly updated over the years. The project was born in [...]

3CTRR, by Amedeo Valoroso, relay board, electronic control system for tunnelling lifting equipment

3CTR control system for tunnel lifts

3CTR is a complete control system for tunnel lifts. It is installed on three-arm equipment: the tunnel installers. Thecentine posecents are, in essence, composed of two baskets for lifting people and an arm [...]

MPLEX, logic gate probe, integrated circuits, LPT port, QBasic, QuickBasic

MPLEX probe for logic gates

MPLEX is a project I had done as a boy to test integrated circuits and logic gates. The project consists of an interface, to be connected to the LPT port of the computer, and a software, programmed in QuickBasic, which works in the [...]

Italmec, CTRLIM, Moment limiter, cranes, centre layer, steel arches layer, angle, load cell, pressure sensor

CTRLIM, moment limiter

CTRLIM is a moment limiter for cranes and telehandlers. The moment limiter stops the machine when the arm moment is greater than a set value. The moment is expressed in Newton * meter (Nm) and measures [...]

LPTEL, telephone ringer repeater, light bulb, Amedeo Valoroso, SIP, telecom, telephone line

LPTEL, telephone ringer repeater

LPTEL is a telephone ring repeater: it turns on a light bulb when the telephone is ringing. It connects to the telephone line, so it is independent of the telephone. Telephone ring repeater, components R1 – resistor 47 ohm 1/4 WC1 – […]

STROBO, Amedeo Valoroso, xenon strobe light schematic, PC controlled, light controlled, sound controlled

STROBO xenon stroboscopic lamp

STROBO is the project of a xenon strobe lamp, which I made when I was a boy. The lamp can flash independently, at a setable frequency, and moreover it can also be controlled from the PC, a microphone and other lights, through modules [...]

SPTEL, sip line detector engaged, assembly, Amedeo Valoroso, busy telephone line indicator

SPTEL, committed phone line indicator

SPTEL is a busy phone line detector, which I designed when I was just over 15 years old: it is an LED that lights up when the phone line is engaged by a telephone in conversation. This my [...]

EQUATIO, math graphing software, Amedeo Valoroso, 2D, spiral, panel, ATN, ABS, COS, SQR, SIN, TAN, INT, LOG, RND, EXP, SGN, functions, mathematical, graph, graphing, drawing, sine, cosine, coordinates

EQUATIO software for graphs of mathematical functions

EQUATIO is a software for graphs of mathematical functions, which plots the functions, in 2D, on a Cartesian X-Y plane. I programmed this software when I was 15 years old: on the other hand, at the Scientific High School, mathematical functions were studied. I then [...]

EDITOR MULTITASK, text editor, Amedeo Valoroso, QBasic, Microsoft QuickBASIC

Multitask editor, editor in QBasic testi

I programmed, when I was a boy, this Multitask Editor, just to gain experience. It was not a real necessity: even at the beginning of the 90s there were text editors, and also very performing. For example, Microsoft Word for DOS was born in [...]

INDIRIZZ, Amedeo Valoroso, Archiving Program, Database, GwBasic, TurboBasic

INDIRIZZ, archiving program

INDIRIZZ is a database, an archiving program, which I started programming in 1992, when I had not yet turned 15, and I updated until 1994. I created INDIRIZZ for personal and also corporate use (for the Italmec company). [...]

Amedeo Valoroso, WITH TRANSFER, messages RS232, GWBASIC, DOS, 1992

COM TRANSFER, messaging on COM serial port

COM TRANSFER is an instant messaging software, which I programmed when I was 14 years old. The messaging program allows you to send messages between two computers that are not connected to the network, as it uses the RS232 serial port. I wrote the [...]

COMPILAT, drawing software, Amedeo Valoroso, GWBASIC, AV Logo

COMPILED vector drawing program

COMPILED is a vector drawing program that has engaged me for more than a year, since I was just over 14 years old. The goal of COMPILAT was not only to draw, but rather to have the possibility [...]