Microsoft releases MS DOS 4 Source Code

Microsoft recently made the MS DOS 4 source code public on GitHub. MS-DOS 4 (acronym for Microsoft Disk Operating System, version 4) is an operating system that dates back to 1988. Just released, the MS DOS version […]

CPU performance comparison of vintage IBM computers vs modern computers, benchmarks, article cover

CPU Performance Comparison: Vintage VS Modern

If there's one thing that fascinates technology enthusiasts it's the comparison between the old and the new, especially when it comes to computer performance. Technological evolution has led to an incredible increase in performance over the […]

Clean sticky gum, loose plastic remover, Dell Latitude E6230, item cover

How to clean and remove sticky rubber

Welcome to the ValorosoIT blog, the point of reference for vintage electronics and IT enthusiasts! If you have ever found yourself faced with vintage objects with an annoying rubbery patina, then you are in the right place. In this article, […]

Disassembling and cleaning IBM model M buckling spring mechanical keyboard, article cover

IBM Model M keyboard: disassembly and cleaning

I love the IBM Model M keyboard! I really like it for its sturdiness, the tactile feedback and the characteristic sound of its keys. In this video, we explore the disassembly and cleaning of this mechanical keyboard in detail. […]

Varese Retrocomputing 2023, interview 9, MSX, article cover, Fabio Massa

The world of MSX computers

Let's delve into the world of MSX computers, going back to the 80s and 90s. We explore the history, technical characteristics and some of the most famous games, together with Fabio G. Massa, known to friends as BioMassa, in an interview recorded at Varese […]

Commodore 501, Amiga 501, A501, battery replacement, repair, Commodore Amiga 500, A500 expansion RTC clock SLOW RAM 512K, article cover

Commodore 501: battery replacement

In the vast panorama of vintage computers, many machines need a little attention to keep them in perfect working order. For example, the Commodore Amiga 500 can be equipped with a Commodore 501 expansion, which has a battery inside […]

IBM PS/2 model 30 for spare parts, package found, good or bad luck, cover

Reappeared! IBM PS/2 model 30 for spare parts

Welcome to ValorosoIT, the blog where we explore the fascinating world of retrocomputers and vintage electronics. Today I'll tell you the story of a lost package, then found, of questionable packaging and of the unpleasant surprises encountered with one of my purchases: an IBM [...]

Transfer old computer files, FastLynx 3.3, MSDOS Windows, Cover

FastLynx to transfer files between old and new PCs

If you're passionate about vintage computers and have ever wondered how to transfer files between old and new PCs, between MS DOS and Windows 10 or 11, then FastLynx might be the solution you're looking for! In this article, [...]

Midi music, vintage keyboards, Atari Mega ST, Michel Mammoliti, 80's and 90's recording studio simulation

MIDI music with Atari Mega ST

Welcome to ValorosoIT, your portal dedicated to the exciting exploration of the world of retro computers and vintage electronics! In this video, Michel Mammoliti takes us on a journey into the universe of MIDI Music, exploring the details of vintage systems connected to an icon [...]

DS1287 replacement nwX287 by Necroware, IBM PS/2 model 30 286, article cover

IBM PS/2, DS1287 – nwX287

Welcome! Let's tackle a fundamental repair on the IBM PS/2 Model 30 286: the replacement of the Real Time Clock (RTC), specifically the Dallas DS1287, with a modern alternative, the nwX287 by Necroware. IBM Computer Configuration Errors The Dallas DS1287, also present [...]

Merry Christmas Greetings, Christmas Tree in Basic V2, Commodore 64

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy Holidays in 8-bit style! Even during the holidays, we keep thinking about our beloved retro computers! 🙂 For those interested in the BASIC V2 program listing of the Commodore 64, here it is: 10 PRINT CHR$(147); CHR$(150) 20 [...]

New Electronics, Z80 computers, magazines, article cover

Z80 Computer by Nuova Elettronica

Welcome to ValorosoIT, your portal dedicated to vintage electronics and retro computers! In this video interview, we will dive into the fascinating universe of Nuova Elettronica, a magazine well known among electronics enthusiasts of the past. Today, NE magazine is unfortunately [...]

Flux Capacitor, Back to the Future, DeLorean, artistic creation by Massimiliano Ferrari

Flux Capacitor by Massimiliano Ferrari

🚀 Take a look at this incredible art project by Massimiliano Ferrari! 🎨✨ This is a replica of the Channeler Flow from Back to the Future. Congratulations to Massimiliano Ferrari for this extraordinary creation! 🕰️ 🎬 Back to the Future, directed by Robert Zemeckis, [...]

Pangea, Varese and province civic network, BBS, article cover

Pangea: the first Civic Network of Varese

Welcome back to, your portal dedicated to the fascination of the technological past. Today we will immerse ourselves in a fascinating journey through time, going back to the 90s, to discover the history of Pangea, the first civic network in the province of Varese. It was [...]

Varese Retrocomputing 2023, interview 6, article cover, Francesco Sblendorio, ValorosoIT

BBS, Minitel and Videotel in 2023?

Today we explore, with Francesco Sblendorio of RetroCampus, the timeless charm of Minitels and Videotels. Let's find out how these objects, aesthetically fascinating, were used to connect to services, book trips, and much more, anticipating some functions that we carry out today on [...]

Commodore Amiga, RGB - SCART adapter converter, RGB to SCART, RGB-SCART, adapter, cable, cover

RGB – SCART Video Adapter for Commodore Amiga

If you are one of the fans of vintage computers, surely you know the Commodore Amiga: true masterpieces of computer history. These machines, launched in the late 80s and during the 90s, have won the hearts of numerous [...]

Carlo Santagostino, Retrocampus, AI, AI, artificial intelligence in video games, cover

Artificial Intelligence in Video Games

Welcome to this fascinating lecture through the history of artificial intelligence in video games, held by Carlo Santagostino. Over the decades, the integration of AI into video games has become a key element in delivering increasingly immersive and complex gaming experiences. In [...]

L'irresistibile fascino Commodore, libro di Lorenzo Vivarelli, storia dell'azienda che ha cambiato il mondo dell'informatica, L’ascesa della più amata società informatica e la sua caduta

The irresistible charm of Commodore

The world of computer science has known a leading figure, a pioneer who changed the course of the history of the industry. This man is Jack Tramiel, the genius behind the Commodore brand, whose fascinating story is told in a compelling way in the [...]

Varese Retrocomputing 2023, interview 4, article cover, Andrea Contato, Cabel Electronics of Curno (Bergamo), Mesaton Mesa 2

Cabel: the Italian video game epic

The world of retrocomputers and video games is a real treasure trove of fascinating stories, and one of the events that allows you to discover these hidden stories is Varese Retrocomputing. In the 2023 edition, we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in the epic [...]

Varese Retrocomputing 2023, interview 3, article cover, Altair 8800, Commodore PET 2001, Apple II, Radio Shack TRS-80

Altair 8800 and the first personal computers

The Altair 8800 represents a fundamental chapter in the history of computer evolution. This extraordinary device, born in 1975 as a mounting kit, marked the beginning of an era in which computers became accessible to ordinary people, helping to define the [...]

modern accessories and games for Commodore, Commodore 64, Commodore 16, Mivar monitor, CRT TV, Varese Retrocomputing 2023, RetroPotenza table, Gerundo Retrogaming, Commodore, cover

Modern accessories and games for Commodore, with Vincenzo Bono

Welcome back to the ValorosoIT blog, your source of inspiration for everything related to retrocomputers and vintage electronics. In this first interview of a series, I take you on an exciting journey into the heart of Varese Retrocomputing 2023, a [...]

Varese Retrocomputing 2023, vintage computer exhibition, Tradate, Villa Truffini, Varese, Malpensa

Varese Retrocomputing is just around the corner

September 17th is just around the corner, and vintage computer enthusiasts will soon immerse themselves in the retro atmosphere of Varese Retrocomputing 2023! This event promises to take technology enthusiasts back in time, allowing them to relive the golden age of [...]

Varese Retrocomputing 2023, vintage computer exhibition, Tradate, Villa Truffini, Varese, Malpensa

Varese Retrocomputing 2023

Good morning to all vintage computer enthusiasts! You are cordially invited to Varese Retrocomputing 2023, an unmissable event to be held in Tradate, in the province of Varese, on September 17, 2023, from 10:00 to 18:00. The Varese Retrocomputing 2023 [...]

Thanks 3000 subscribers YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook

Thank you!

Good morning Friends and thank you, together we have reached a new goal!
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Ctrl Alt Museum, Amedeo Valoroso, Davide Fornasiero, Alberto Fornasiero, Dino Baldi, cover, vintage computer museum in Pavia, Italy, typewriters, calculators, robots, comPVter

Ctrl+Alt Museum

Hello friends! Today I take you on a short but exciting journey to the Ctrl+Alt Museum in Pavia. Together with Davide and Alberto Fornasiero of the HistoryBit museum, we ventured into an unforgettable experience. From the moment I crossed the [...]

How to clean 3.5" floppy disks, 3.5, 3 and a half floppy cleaners, 3" 1/2, RetroManiak, magnetic disk, floppy disks, mini floppy disks, micro floppy disks

How to clean 3.5-inch floppies

I know... you have the doubt that a dirty floppy disk could dirty or even ruin your drive. And you are right! Here's how to clean 3.5" floppies. Using this tool that RetroManiak gave me, we can control both sides […]

Commodore 64 web server, Contiki v3.0

Commodore 64 web server

I'm browsing a website... generated by an original Commodore 64! Unbelievable: the Commodore 64 is now a web server! Daniel Nagy has created a web server with the Commodore 64.

Creative Sound Blaster Live, year 2001, PCI connector

Sound and network cards for IBM 300GL

Do you remember the IBM 300GL I bought some time ago? I talked about it in this article. Now, I decided to upgrade the computer a bit and upgrade it with a few cards: a sound card and a network card. I also [...]