Power on and Test Commodore 128D, German keyboard

Commodore 128D 100% NOT tested, does it work?

I introduce you my "new” Commodore 128D 100% NOT tested, which I purchased on eBay. Do we try it? Do you think it will work? Purchase of the Commodore 128D 100% NOT tested I happen, from time to time, to buy some vintage computer for the [...]

Test Commodore Amiga 1200, AmigaTestKit 1.20, GitHub, WorkBench

Amiga 1200 test with AmigaTestKit

Good morning and welcome back to the blog and the ValorosoIT channel. If you like retrocomputers and vintage electronics, you've come to the right place! Today we do the test of the Commodore Amiga 1200, which I just got from eBay, through the AmigaTestKit utility. It was [...]

Boot selector, Boot options, Commodore Amiga 1200, A1200 A600, start game program from gotek or external disk DF1, CBM A1200

Boot the Commodore Amiga from the external drive

Is it possible to boot the Commodore Amiga from the external drive, instead of from the internal floppy disk to the computer? Sure! It is also possible to start it from USB pendrive! Let's see how to do this with the various models of Commodore Amiga. What is the [...]

How to copy a file from USB pendrive to diskette, XCopy X-Copy Pro, operation done, 1992

X-Copy Pro for Amiga

Several times I was asked how to copy a game or program, from USB pendrive to diskette, directly to the Amiga. Here is the answer! We use X-Copy Pro! This procedure is fine on all Commodore Amiga, although, in this article, [...]

Como Fun 2022, Retro computer, Retro games, Wrestling, Cosplay, Lego, Arcade 80s, 80s cabinets

Como Fun

Today short video... on the road! Como Fun, at LarioFiere, Erba (CO). I visited Como Fun, a new and immense fair of comics, games and pop culture in Lariofiere, between the provinces of Como and Lecco, less than an hour [...]

ASMR Retro Computer Vintage Keyboards Sound, IBM Commodore Atari Olivetti MSX Philips Amstrad

ASMR Computer Vintage Keyboards Sound

Do you know what ASMR videos are? They are those videos in which you record only the sound of some objects, rather than the sound of people while eating... So here is an ASMR video on the sound of all the keyboards of the back [...]

Complete list of commands Commodore CBM Basic V4.0 Commodore PET, CBM 3000, CBM 4000, CBM 8000, CBM 8032

Complete list of Commodore PET Basic V4.0 commands

In this article, I list the complete list of commands, functions and variables reserved for the Commodore PET Basic V4.0. The computers that use Basic V4.0 are the CBM and PET series 2001, 3000, 4000 and 8000. [...]

Riparazione Commodore Plus4 Plus 4, 3 plus 1, TED CPU PLA, ValorosoIT

Commodore Plus/4 repair: TED, CPU and PLA

Today we talk about the repair of the Commodore Plus/4, which I had ordered on eBay. Do you remember? I had arrived with an inadequate packaging and, above all, not working ... Repair of the Commodore Plus/4, diagnosis of the fault In this first article of the repair of the Commodore [...]

Commodore SX-64 SX64 Crushed Damaged Destroyed eBay Transport, Cover, ValorosoIT

Damaged Commodore SX-64

Even today… sad video! I ordered on eBay a Commodore SX-64, the Commdore 64 executive: the "portable" version, to be clear. The eBay listing showed a perfect and working computer. The only flaw, declared by the seller, is the absence of the keyboard, which I should find [...]

Commodore Plus4 Plus 4 controversy diputa eBay reclamo restituzione ValorosoIT, William Shakespeare

I won the dispute on eBay! Commodore Plus/4

Many of you have asked me how the controversy on eBay ended, relating to the Commodore Plus/4, arrived defective, which I showed you in the last video. The situation went very well and, in this article, I will explain to everyone [...]

Commodore Plus4 Plus 4 does not work disappointment ValorosoIT

Commodore Plus/4, unboxing and disappointment

I wasn't sure I wanted to publish this video, also because, in the end, I felt a huge DISAPPOINTMENT! Towards the middle of the video I start to be less cheerful! Here is the unboxing of a Commodore Plus/4 that I bought on eBay… with… disappointment! Some [...]

Basic Course, Command List Basic V7 Commodore 128, C128, Basic v7.0, Basic V7.0, Command List, Complete List of Basic V7 Commodore 128 Commands

Commodore 128 Basic V7 Command List

Here is the list of commands of the Basic V7 of the Commodore 128, with a simple explanation. This is a simple compendium to remember all the commands, instructions and functions, when you already know how to use them! The BASIC V7 of the [...]

History of the computer, Documentary HistoryBit, abacus, electromechanical calculator, history of calculation

History of the Computer, documentary #1

On the occasion of my visit to the HistoryBit retro computer collection, I had the pleasure of meeting Davide Fornasiero, together with his brother Alberto Fornasiero. Davide has always been passionate about vintage technology. He made this documentary, which describes the evolution [...]

Gotek, Amiga 500 Keyboard Membrane Replacement, Tank Coffin Mouse, ValorosoIT Cover

Gotek, Membrane, Mouse, AmigaTestKit – A500 #4

Here is the fourth installment of the repair of my first Amiga 500, which I bought a couple of years ago! We use AmigaTestKit to control the whole computer. Was it better to buy a computer already tested and working? I would say yes! Let's proceed with [...]

Accensione Prova Test Commodore PET, CBM 8032, retro computer, vintage collezione, ValorosoIT

Commodore PET, CBM 8032, test

Here, finally, the proof of the Commodore PET CBM 8032 that I had purchased on eBay in the United States and that I had told you about in this video. I found a way to power it at 110V! I hope you can take some cues, if [...]

Commodore PET, CBM 8032, retro computer, vintage collection, ValorosoIT

Commodore PET, CBM 8032

I had been following some auctions on eBay for some time to buy a Commodore PET, CBM 8032 (or another similar model) and finally the opportunity arose for a computer that didn't cost too much. Despite the price [...]

Mouse Commodore 1350 per Commodore 64 The Final Cartridge III pulizia interno

Commodore 1350 Mouse for Commodore 64

Is there a mouse for the Commodore 64? Here is the Commodore 1350 mouse! Let's see where I bought it, try it with The Final Cartridge III+ and open it to clean it. Trying the interface The Final Cartridge III+, an interface that connects to the [...]

Replacement membrane keyboard Amiga 500 and DiagROM, repair repair fix

DiagROM and Amiga 500 keyboard membrane

Today we talk about DiagROM and start replacing the keyboard membrane of the Amiga 500. We are at the third installment of the endless story of this Amiga 500 that I bought last year! Can a repair last so long? Unfortunately the answer [...]

Divina!, Dante Alighieri Divine Comedy, Dante's Avatar, Retro Printer Commodore 64 teletypewriter

Divina! Dante's Avatar

Today I want to talk to you about the Divine art installation! Dante's Avatar. Divine! is an artistic installation designed and created by the University of Pisa – D.I.C.I. – Astro Laboratory, under the artistic direction of Foll.ia Lab. It is a cycle of events on the occasion of the celebrations [...]