Atari 1040STF, vintage retro computer Technical characteristics of the Atari 1040STf CPU: Motorola MC68000, 8 MHz ROM: 192 KB Software included in ROM: Atari TOS (The Operating System) + GEM (Graphics Environment Manager) RAM: 1 MB, expandable up to 4 MB Graphics: Glue + Video Shifter Graphics mode: 320x200 (16 colors) up to 640x400 pixels (monochrome) Audio: Yamaha YM-2149, 3 voices + 1 channel for noise Keyboard: 94-key QWERTY, with arrows, numeric keypad and function keys Expansion ports: 1 serial DB25 male, RS232C 1 parallel DB25 female, Centronics 1 external hard disk drive, DB19 female 1 external floppy disk drive, DIN 14 poles 1 audio/video DIN 13, RGB and composite video 1 power input IEC 2 MIDI (in and out) DIN 5 poles, side 1 cartridge port, side 2 mouse and joystick, DB9 male, bottom Storage media: n. 1 internal floppy disk drive, 3.5", 720 KB (the computer also supports an external hard disk and an external floppy disk drive)

Atari 1040STf

The Atari ST is a series of personal computers produced by Atari Corporation since 1985. It is based on the 16-bit Motorola 68000 processor, the same microprocessor as the Commodore Amiga series. In particular, the Atari 1040STf model that I [...]