Dip an LED bulb, dimmable 3 steps vary brightness dimmer variator, light intensity

How to dim an LED bulb

Have you tried to dip an LED bulb and you only got flickering and buzzing? If it happened to you and you want to understand how you can connect LED bulbs to dimmers, to vary the brightness, you are reading [...]

LED car, Dodge Charger, position light, LED arrow

Reduce flickering of LED bulbs

Have you ever mounted an LED bulb on your car instead of an arrow, a reversing light and saw it flash quickly? It is an annoying effect, which some call flickering, others flickering of light bulbs [...]

LED bulbs for cars, reverse gear, position lights, arrows, T20, W21W, BA15S, BAU15S, working

LED bulbs, control unit error, canbus

Who tried to replace the bulbs of the arrows of the machine with LED ones? Were there any problems? We all know the answer: yes! Do the arrows flash too fast (new cars) or too slowly (vintage cars)? Do you see any errors? [...]

LED bulbs lamps T20 T15 T10 W5W T5 W3W BA15S BAU15S, position lights, arrows, turn signals, reverse

LED bulbs, how come they do not work

It will have happened to anyone to buy LED bulbs for their car, but also for their home, and to see them broken, turned off, after a few hours of operation. In this article I will briefly analyze the causes of the breakage and [...]