Open reel reel recorder connected to Commodore 64 MP32C64 C64, Philips N4504 Aristona EW5504, data cassette holder

Reel recorder connected to the Commodore 64

In this video, I saved and reloaded a Basic program on open reels, via a reel recorder connected to the Commodore 64. The hardware part The reel recorder of the experiment is an Aristona EW5504, equivalent to the Philips N4504. I have it [...]

Philips N4504, Aristona EW5504, recap restoration repair, replacement capacitors

Repair reel recorder Aristona EW5504

Reel to reel recorders have their own innate charm. Therefore, when I saw an Aristona EW5504 reel tape recorder on a classifieds site, I immediately contacted the seller. Aristona (as well as Radiola was), was a brand [...]