modern accessories and games for Commodore, Commodore 64, Commodore 16, Mivar monitor, CRT TV, Varese Retrocomputing 2023, RetroPotenza table, Gerundo Retrogaming, Commodore, cover

Modern accessories and games for Commodore, with Vincenzo Bono

Welcome back to the ValorosoIT blog, your source of inspiration for everything related to retrocomputers and vintage electronics. In this first interview of a series, I take you on an exciting journey into the heart of Varese Retrocomputing 2023, a [...]

Varese Retrocomputing 2023, vintage computer exhibition, Tradate, Villa Truffini, Varese, Malpensa

Varese Retrocomputing is just around the corner

September 17th is just around the corner, and vintage computer enthusiasts will soon immerse themselves in the retro atmosphere of Varese Retrocomputing 2023! This event promises to take technology enthusiasts back in time, allowing them to relive the golden age of [...]

Varese Retrocomputing 2023, vintage computer exhibition, Tradate, Villa Truffini, Varese, Malpensa

Varese Retrocomputing 2023

Good morning to all vintage computer enthusiasts! You are cordially invited to Varese Retrocomputing 2023, an unmissable event to be held in Tradate, in the province of Varese, on September 17, 2023, from 10:00 to 18:00. The Varese Retrocomputing 2023 [...]

Thanks 3000 subscribers YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook

Thank you!

Good morning Friends and thank you, together we have reached a new goal!
3000 subscribers on YouTube, 4500 followers on Instagram, 3600 members in the Facebook group and 1000 followers on TikTok!

Ctrl Alt Museum, Amedeo Valoroso, Davide Fornasiero, Alberto Fornasiero, Dino Baldi, cover, vintage computer museum in Pavia, Italy, typewriters, calculators, robots, comPVter

Ctrl+Alt Museum

Hello friends! Today I take you on a short but exciting journey to the Ctrl+Alt Museum in Pavia. Together with Davide and Alberto Fornasiero of the HistoryBit museum, we ventured into an unforgettable experience. From the moment I crossed the [...]

How to clean 3.5" floppy disks, 3.5, 3 and a half floppy cleaners, 3" 1/2, RetroManiak, magnetic disk, floppy disks, mini floppy disks, micro floppy disks

How to clean 3.5-inch floppies

I know… You have doubts that a dirty floppy disk can dirty or even ruin your drive. And you're right! Here's how to clean 3.5" floppies. Through this tool that gave me RetroManiak, we can control both sides [...]

Commodore 64 web server, Contiki v3.0

Commodore 64 web server

I'm browsing a website... generated by an original Commodore 64! Unbelievable: the Commodore 64 is now a web server! Daniel Nagy has created a web server with the Commodore 64.

IBM PS2 model 30, 8530-021, Intel 8086, power switch, floppy, hard disk, 80s computer, vintage computer, old computer

IBM PS/2 Model 30

An IBM PS/2 model 30 came into the collection, exactly the 8530-021 model, which I bought on eBay. The computer didn't work well, so it was sold to me at a good price. The IBM PS/2 Model 30 is a desktop of [...]

Creative Sound Blaster Live, year 2001, PCI connector

Sound and network cards for IBM 300GL

Do you remember the IBM 300GL I bought some time ago? I talked about it in this article. Now, I decided to upgrade the computer a bit and upgrade it with a few cards: a sound card and a network card. I also [...]

ChatGPT on Commodore 64, OpenAI, BBS RetroCampus, Francesco Sblendorio

ChatGPT on the Commodore 64?

Francesco Sblendorio has integrated ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence, at the RetroCampus BBS. Here's how to use ChatGPT on the Commodore 64! To connect, you can use the Commodore 64 with a WiFi modem, or, alternatively, you can use your computer, opening [...]

Braccio meccanico comandato dal Commodore 64, Magu, motori passo passo

Mechanical arm controlled by the C64

Today we take a step back in time, to present an incredible experiment carried out in 1985-86 by Massimo Guidarelli (known as Magù). Massimo is a former professor now retired and, with his students of the Professional Institute for Electromechanics, has created a [...]

Vintage computer shelves. Displays in the office, shelves.

Vintage computer shelves

Finally I finished assembling the vintage computer shelves I bought on Amazon! 🙂 I mounted them in the office. I'm filling them with the back computers I have in the collection, but also with devices and cards [...]

OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT chat blocked disabled for Italian users, Privacy Guarantor

ChatGPT disabled by the Italian SA

Edit 28/04/2023. ChatGPT reopens in Italy, after working on what is requested by the Privacy Guarantor: 01/04/2023. The Guarantor for the protection of personal data has intervened and, for Italian users, ChatGPT is blocked. It is hoped that the situation [...]

Philips NMS 8280, MSX 2, retro computer vintage, unboxing e prova, copertina, ValorosoIT

Philips NMS 8280, unboxing and testing

Today we talk about this Philips NMS 8280: a vintage computer that I bought back in 2021, when I went away to buy a huge batch of computers! The Philips NMS 8280 computer The Philips NMS8280 is a computer of the [...]

Visit HistoryBit (Davide Fornasiero, Alberto Fornasiero) from ValorosoIT, computer collection, Apple, IBM, Commodore, Atari

HistoryBit visit

I had the pleasure of hosting Davide Fornasiero and Alberto Fornasiero, from the HistoryBit Museum in Cerro Maggiore (MI), at my collection of vintage computers. It was a pleasure to meet two retro computer enthusiasts and share our passion. [...]

Sharp LC20 LCD TV repainted white, RAL 1013 pearl white

Vintage LCD Sharp LC20 repair

I recently purchased a Sharp LC20 LCD TV. The intention is to have an LCD television, in 4:3 format, to which to connect my vintage computers. It is an interesting TV and the picture quality is good. You can connect the [...]