Visit HistoryBit (Davide Fornasiero, Alberto Fornasiero) from ValorosoIT, computer collection, Apple, IBM, Commodore, Atari

HistoryBit visit

I had the pleasure of hosting Davide Fornasiero and Alberto Fornasiero, from the HistoryBit Museum in Cerro Maggiore (MI), at my collection of vintage computers. It was a pleasure to meet two retro computer enthusiasts and share our passion. [...]

Sharp LC20 LCD TV repainted white, RAL 1013 pearl white

Vintage LCD Sharp LC20 repair

I recently purchased a Sharp LC20 LCD TV. The intention is to have an LCD television, in 4:3 format, to which to connect my vintage computers. It is an interesting TV and the picture quality is good. You can connect the [...]

Philips VG5000 VG-5000, Radiola, vintage back computer, keyboard French AZERTY

Philips VG-5000 μ

The Philips VG-5000 μ (sometimes spelled VG5K) is an 8-bit home computer, manufactured by French Radiotechnique (RTS), and marketed by Philips, Radiola and Schneider from 1984 until 1986. Despite having a similar name [...]

Commodore SX-64 SX64 executive, CBM, vintage computer on, floppy crt monitor

Commodore SX-64

The Commodore SX-64 (also spelled SX64 or Commodore 64 Executive) is a portable computer produced by Commodore from 1984 until 1986. It is equipped with a monitor [...]

Nokia 7110, vintage mobile phone, snap-on sliding door, spring-loaded sliding door

Nokia 7110

The Nokia 7110 was one of the most innovative mobile phones of its era, launched in 1999 by the Finnish company Nokia. The Nokia 7110 is known for its retractable keyboard, which hides under a sliding door when [...]

BASIC language programming course, episode 9: MSX BASIC, Philips, cover

BASIC course episode 9: MSX BASIC

In this episode of the video course on the BASIC language of retro computers, we introduce MSX BASIC. It is a very powerful language, with many commands. In the same video, we see how to save and load the program in BASIC on tape. You don't have a computer [...]

OpenAI's ChatGPT, artificial intelligence writes an article on the history of the Commodore 64

The history of the Commodore 64 written by ChatGPT

Is OpenAI's ChatGPT AI able to write an entire article, describing the history of the Commodore 64? I asked ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence, to write the history of the Commodore 64. Let's read it together! The photos were [...]

OpenAI ChatGPT, artificial intelligence, GPT 3 Chat, cover

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence by OpenAI

Professors are shaking, workers are also shaking.… Artificial intelligence has arrived and is within everyone's reach! What are we talking about? Let's talk about ChatGPT, a chat in which we write questions and, on the other side of the screen, artificial intelligence responds. Let's explore the [...]

OpenAI ChatGPT, artificial intelligence to write programs in Basic of the Commodore 64, C64, cover

BASIC program written by artificial intelligence

Can OpenAI's ChatGPT AI write a program in BASIC for the Commodore 64? Try! In this short video, I recorded the first attempts. I requested two programs in BASIC for the Commodore 64: a cycle [...]

Games and RAM for Commodore VIC20, cartridges

6 cartridges for my Commodore Vic20

Here is the video of the unboxing and testing of 6 cartridges for Commodore Vic20. Finally, my Commodore Vic-20 will have more cartridges with games and a RAM expansion. Beware of scams! In the video, we also do an in-depth analysis of the possible scams to which [...]

Commodore SX-64, SX64, reloaded return unboxing and test, cover, retro computer repaired

The return of the Commodore SX-64

The Commodore SX-64 is back! The one that, as I showed you in this article, had arrived damaged, destroyed during transport. The story of my Commodore SX-64 When I received the damaged Commodore SX-64, I must admit, I had stayed there a lot [...]

Philips VG 8010, retro computer vintage

Philips VG 8010 MSX, unboxing and test

I found on eBay the listing of this computer: it is a Philips VG 8010 MSX, which I missed in the collection. It was priced, all in all, quite interesting, because other offers that I had found on the same computer, in fact, were more expensive. [...]

Amiga 2000, Commodore A2000, CBM A200, desktop, Italian keyboard, coffin mouse

Amiga 2000

The Commodore Amiga 2000 is a 16-bit personal computer, based on the Motorola MC68000 processor. It was produced by Commodore International from 1987 to 1993. Other names by which the Amiga 2000 is known are: Commodore A2000, CBM A2000. E' [...]

Philips VG8020 VG-8020 MSX, vintage back computer, keyboard, door

Philips VG-8020 MSX

The Philips VG-8020 MSX is an 8-bit home computer produced by Philips, a Dutch company, in 1984. The Philips VG8020 was also marketed under the brand name Phonola: Phonola VG-8020. It is the successor to the Philips VG-8000 and Philips VG-8010. MSX [...]

Olivetti Prodest PC128 Italian home computer French Thomson MO6, keyboard, retro computer vintage 80s

Olivetti Prodest PC128

The Olivetti Prodest PC128 is an 8-bit home computer that was distributed in Italy from 1986 to 1989 by the Olivetti company. The computer was produced by the company French Thomson (model MO6) and was distributed in Italy, with some changes to the keyboard [...]

Atari 1040STF, retro computer vintage Caratteristiche tecniche dell'Atari 1040STf CPU: Motorola MC68000, 8 MHz ROM: 192 KB Software incluso in ROM: Atari TOS (The Operating System) + GEM (Graphics Environment Manager) RAM: 1 MB, espandibile fino a 4 MB Grafica: Glue + Video Shifter Modalità grafica: 320x200 (16 colori) fino a 640x400 pixel (monocromatico) Audio: Yamaha YM-2149, 3 voci + 1 canale per rumore Tastiera: QWERTY a 94 tasti, con frecce, tastierino numerico e tasti funzione Porte di espansione: 1 seriale DB25 maschio, RS232C 1 parallela DB25 femmina, Centronics 1 hard disk drive esterno, DB19 femmina 1 floppy disk drive esterno, DIN 14 poli 1 audio/video DIN 13, RGB e video composito 1 ingresso di alimentazione IEC 2 MIDI (in e out) DIN 5 poli, laterali 1 porta per cartucce, laterale 2 mouse e joystick, DB9 maschio, inferiori Supporti di archiviazione: n. 1 floppy disk drive interno, 3.5", 720 KB (il computer supporta anche un hard disk esterno e un floppy disk drive esterno)

Atari 1040STf

The Atari ST is a series of personal computers produced by Atari Corporation since 1985. It is based on the 16-bit Motorola 68000 processor, the same microprocessor as the Commodore Amiga series. In particular, the Atari 1040STf model that I [...]