Carlo Santagostino, Retrocampus, AI, AI, artificial intelligence in video games, cover

Artificial Intelligence in Video Games

Welcome to this fascinating lecture through the history of artificial intelligence in video games, held by Carlo Santagostino. Over the decades, the integration of AI into video games has become a key element in delivering increasingly immersive and complex gaming experiences. In [...]

ChatGPT on Commodore 64, OpenAI, BBS RetroCampus, Francesco Sblendorio

ChatGPT on the Commodore 64?

Francesco Sblendorio has integrated ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence, at the RetroCampus BBS. Here's how to use ChatGPT on the Commodore 64! To connect, you can use the Commodore 64 with a WiFi modem, or, alternatively, you can use your computer, opening [...]

OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT chat blocked disabled for Italian users, Privacy Guarantor

ChatGPT disabled by the Italian SA

Edit 28/04/2023. ChatGPT reopens in Italy, after working on what is requested by the Privacy Guarantor: 01/04/2023. The Guarantor for the protection of personal data has intervened and, for Italian users, ChatGPT is blocked. It is hoped that the situation [...]

OpenAI's ChatGPT, artificial intelligence writes an article on the history of the Commodore 64

The history of the Commodore 64 written by ChatGPT

Is OpenAI's ChatGPT AI able to write an entire article, describing the history of the Commodore 64? I asked ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence, to write the history of the Commodore 64. Let's read it together! The photos were [...]

OpenAI ChatGPT, artificial intelligence, GPT 3 Chat, cover

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence by OpenAI

The professors are trembling, the workers too... artificial intelligence has arrived and is within everyone's reach! What are we talking about? Let's talk about ChatGPT, a chat in which we write questions and, on the other side of the screen, artificial intelligence responds. Let's explore the […]

OpenAI ChatGPT, artificial intelligence to write programs in Basic of the Commodore 64, C64, cover

BASIC program written by artificial intelligence

Can OpenAI's ChatGPT AI write a program in BASIC for the Commodore 64? Try! In this short video, I recorded the first attempts. I requested two programs in BASIC for the Commodore 64: a cycle [...]