Commodore Amiga, RGB - SCART adapter converter, RGB to SCART, RGB-SCART, adapter, cable, cover

RGB – SCART Video Adapter for Commodore Amiga

If you are one of the fans of vintage computers, surely you know the Commodore Amiga: true masterpieces of computer history. These machines, launched in the late 80s and during the 90s, have won the hearts of numerous [...]

KikStart 2 KickStart II videogioco Commodore 64 motocross game, Shaun Southern, Mr. Chip Software, MasterTronic

KikStart 1 and 2, moto cross for Commodore 64

Today, in the video, we talk about gaming, with the games KikStart and KikStart II (KikStart 2) for Commodore 64! KikStart and KikStart II are two motocross games. It is possible to play alone or with two players. Although many write [...]