Transfer old computer files, FastLynx 3.3, MSDOS Windows, Cover

FastLynx to transfer files between old and new PCs

If you're passionate about vintage computers and have ever wondered how to transfer files between old and new PCs, between MS DOS and Windows 10 or 11, then FastLynx might be the solution you're looking for! In this article, [...]

DS1287 replacement nwX287 by Necroware, IBM PS/2 model 30 286, article cover

IBM PS/2, DS1287 – nwX287

Welcome! Let's tackle a fundamental repair on the IBM PS/2 Model 30 286: the replacement of the Real Time Clock (RTC), specifically the Dallas DS1287, with a modern alternative, the nwX287 by Necroware. IBM Computer Configuration Errors The Dallas DS1287, also present [...]

How to clean 3.5" floppy disks, 3.5, 3 and a half floppy cleaners, 3" 1/2, RetroManiak, magnetic disk, floppy disks, mini floppy disks, micro floppy disks

How to clean 3.5-inch floppies

I know... you have the doubt that a dirty floppy disk could dirty or even ruin your drive. And you are right! Here's how to clean 3.5" floppies. Using this tool that RetroManiak gave me, we can control both sides […]