Commodore Amiga 500 A500 purchase and repair of accessories

Purchase and Repair of the Amiga 500: the never-ending story! # 1

Today I begin to tell you the never-ending story of the repair of the Amiga 500 that I bought last year and that I hoped to be able to use quickly! Purchase of the Amiga 500 I found an interesting advertisement on Facebook Marketplace. According to the seller, the computer was [...]

ZD 8915 Desoldering Tutorial ZD8915 Desoldering Station Desoldering Gun Desoldering Chip PCB Socket

ZD-8915 desoldering station: how to unsolder a socket

The repair of an Amiga 500 came in handy to make a tutorial on how to desolder a socket, from the PCB, with the ZD-8915 desoldering station. In the video, at 9:35, there is a tutorial on how to set up and use the station [...]