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Commodore 64 and home automation: load control

Here is the second video related to the Commodore 64 and home automation. The topic covered is the control of loads: the function of the home automation system that is used to measure the consumption of the home. I had already shown, in the first video related to home automation, how [...]

Home automation with the Commodore 64, Control Casa, load control, light control, shutter control, sockets

Home automation with the Commodore 64

I am very passionate about technology, both modern and vintage. I asked myself: is it possible to control home automation with the Commodore 64? It took some work, but the experiment was successful! First step: connect the Commodore 64 [...]

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Commodore 64 WiFi Modem, Review

I recently bought a Commodore 64 WiFi modem in kit form on eBay. The price was attractive. The kit consists of a few components: using the appropriate equipment, assembly took a few minutes. Unfortunately, the modem I bought does not [...]

Commodore 64, breadbin case restoration repair memory, RAM, SID, CBM, C64, fix

Commodore 64 memory repair

This article on Commodore 64 memory repair is part of a much larger restoration. In fact, I found an old Commodore 64 retrocomputer on Facebook Marketplace for a few euros, but it had several flaws. First of all, they were all missing [...]

Commodore 16, retrocomputer, C16, CBM, Commodore Business Machines Inc.

Commodore 16 Repair

Here's another retrocomputer article: Commodore 16 repair. Sifting through Facebook Marketplace, I was struck by this listing for a used, non-working Commodore 16. The price was good, precisely because the computer had problems. TO […]

Commodore VIC-20, Vic20, retrocomputer, retro technology, computer

Commodore VIC-20 restoration

Why did I buy a Commodore VIC-20? I started programming as a child with the Commodore 64 that we had in the family, which was later replaced with the more modern and performing (for the time) Commodore 128. Recently the [...]