Commodore 501, Amiga 501, A501, battery replacement, repair, Commodore Amiga 500, A500 expansion RTC clock SLOW RAM 512K, article cover

Commodore 501: battery replacement

In the vast panorama of vintage computers, many machines need a little attention to keep them in perfect working order. For example, the Commodore Amiga 500 can be equipped with a Commodore 501 expansion, which has a battery inside […]

Commodore Amiga, RGB - SCART adapter converter, RGB to SCART, RGB-SCART, adapter, cable, cover

RGB – SCART Video Adapter for Commodore Amiga

If you are one of the fans of vintage computers, surely you know the Commodore Amiga: true masterpieces of computer history. These machines, launched in the late 80s and during the 90s, have won the hearts of numerous [...]

Test Commodore Amiga 1200, AmigaTestKit 1.20, GitHub, WorkBench

Amiga 1200 test with AmigaTestKit

Good morning and welcome back to the blog and the ValorosoIT channel. If you like retrocomputers and vintage electronics, you've come to the right place! Today we do the test of the Commodore Amiga 1200, which I just got from eBay, through the AmigaTestKit utility. It was [...]

Boot selector, Boot options, Commodore Amiga 1200, A1200 A600, start game program from gotek or external disk DF1, CBM A1200

Boot the Commodore Amiga from the external drive

Is it possible to boot the Commodore Amiga from the external drive, instead of from the internal floppy disk to the computer? Sure! It is also possible to start it from USB pendrive! Let's see how to do this with the various models of Commodore Amiga. What is the [...]

How to copy a file from USB pendrive to diskette, XCopy X-Copy Pro, operation done, 1992

X-Copy Pro for Amiga

Several times I was asked how to copy a game or program, from USB pendrive to diskette, directly to the Amiga. Here is the answer! We use X-Copy Pro! This procedure is fine on all Commodore Amiga, although, in this article, [...]

Gotek, Amiga 500 Keyboard Membrane Replacement, Tank Coffin Mouse, ValorosoIT Cover

Gotek, Membrana, Mouse, AmigaTestKit – A500 #4

Here is the fourth installment of the repair of my first Amiga 500, which I bought a couple of years ago! We use AmigaTestKit to control the whole computer. Was it better to buy a computer already tested and working? I would say yes! Let's proceed with [...]