DAT X2, Lifter for tunneling, centre layer boom, platforms, on digger, Italmec, DAT instruments, Amedeo Valoroso

DAT X2, control system for lifting equipment

DAT X2 is the new version of the control system for 3CTR tunnel lifting equipment. It is installed on three-arm lifters for tunnels: two baskets to lift the workers, as well as a central arm to lift the [...]

DAT instruments, JET 4000 AME I, datalogger, grouting, Lugeon tests, GIN, Permeability, Pressure, Flow, Volume, LCD, computer, keyboard, pen drives

JET 4000 AME

The JET 4000 AME project was developed to meet the needs of completeness and robustness. The JET 4000 AME is in fact a control panel and datalogger, full of functions, constantly updated over the years. The project was born in [...]

3CTRR, by Amedeo Valoroso, relay board, electronic control system for tunnelling lifting equipment

3CTR control system for tunnel lifts

3CTR is a complete control system for tunnel lifts. It is installed on three-arm equipment: the tunnel installers. Thecentine posecents are, in essence, composed of two baskets for lifting people and an arm [...]

Italmec, CTRLIM, Moment limiter, cranes, centre layer, steel arches layer, angle, load cell, pressure sensor

CTRLIM, moment limiter

CTRLIM is a moment limiter for cranes and telehandlers. The moment limiter stops the machine when the arm moment is greater than a set value. The moment is expressed in Newton * meter (Nm) and measures [...]