How to write a program in Basic V2 Commodore 64 Atari Altirra QB64, episode 8

How to write a program: Basic course #8

Welcome to the eighth installment of the basic language course! In today's video, we learn how to write a program, simple, starting from an idea. How to write a program: the flowchart Suppose you want to write a program, very simple, to generate [...]

Course to learn how to program in Basic Commodore 5, QB64 GWBASIC DOSBOX INT RND TIMER function, 16 64 128 C64 C16 Vic20 Vic-20 C128 Plus4

Course for Programming in Basic #5, Int Rnd Timer, Times Tables

Welcome to the fifth installment of the Basic Programming course. Today we see the RND function, which generates pseudo-random numbers, the INT function, which returns the integer part of a number and also the TIMER system variable. We implement the [...]

Video course on Commodore QB64 4 Basic language, DIM array vectors max min average value min max sequence of numbers

Videocourse on Basic Language, DIM arrays, #4

Welcome to the fourth installment of the video course on Basic language. Today we introduce vectors, also called arrays, which are data structures. We also see the concept of average, minimum and maximum value of a sequence of numbers. Not at least, […]

Programming tutorial in Basic QB64 Commodore fitness program

Basic, QB64 and Commodore # 3 programming tutorial

Welcome to the third round of the Basic programming tutorial. The Basic program we make today is a fitness training timer. To be notified when the fourth episode comes out, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel (and activate the bell [...]

Basic language programming course Commodore 2, C16 C128 C64 PET Vic20 GWBASIC IF THEN LOAD SAVE LIST NEW

Programming in Basic, tutorial # 2

Welcome to the second installment of the tutorial on how to program in Basic, the language of the Commodore. If you missed the first episode, you can find it here. Today we write a nice program, which can be useful, after the holidays, to decide whether [...]

MPLEX, logic gate probe, integrated circuits, LPT port, QBasic, QuickBasic

MPLEX probe for logic gates

MPLEX is a project I had done as a boy to test integrated circuits and logic gates. The project consists of an interface, to be connected to the LPT port of the computer, and a software, programmed in QuickBasic, which works in the [...]

EDITOR MULTITASK, text editor, Amedeo Valoroso, QBasic, Microsoft QuickBASIC

Multitask editor, editor in QBasic testi

I programmed, when I was a boy, this Multitask Editor, just to gain experience. It was not a real necessity: even at the beginning of the 90s there were text editors, and also very performing. For example, Microsoft Word for DOS was born in [...]