Copertina Corso Basic, lista comandi elenco compendio comandi istruzioni funzioni Basic V2 Commodore 64

Elenco comandi Basic V2 del Commodore 64

Ecco la lista completa dei comandi, delle funzioni e delle variabili riservate del Basic V2 del Commodore 64, con una semplice spiegazione. Questo è un semplice compendio per ricordare tutti i comandi, le istruzioni e le funzioni, quando già si sa come utilizzarli! Il Basic V2 del Commodore 64 ha molte meno istruzioni rispetto al Basic V3.5 del Commodore 16, 116, Plus/4 e rispetto al Basic V7 del Commodore 128.

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ABSReturns the absolute value of a numberFunction, numerical
ANDReturns true if both conditions are trueOperator, logical
ASCReturns the numerical value of a charFunction, numerical
ATNReturns the arctangent of a numberFunction, numerical
CHR$Returns the character corresponding to the numberFunction, string
CLOSECloses a fileInstruction/command
CLRDelete variables arrays, data, …Instruction/command
CMDChanges the data output to other peripheralInstruction/command
CONTResumes execution of a BASIC programCommand
COSReturns the cosine of an angle (rad)Function, numerical
DATAStores constant information in the program codeInstruction/command
DEF FNDefines a user-defined functionInstruction
DIMAllocates space in array memory for a new arrayInstruction/command
ENDEnds the processing of the current programInstruction/command
EXP“e” with the power given by the argumentFunction, numerical
FNExecutes a function defined by DEF FNFunction, numerical, special
FORProgram loop start (FOR … TO … STEP … NEXT)Instruction/command
FREReturns the number of unused bytes of BASIC RAMFunction, numerical, special
GETReads one or more chars from the keyboardInstruction

GET#Reads single characters from the specified deviceInstruction/command, special
GO TOJumps to a line numberInstruction/command
GOSUBJumps to a subroutine … RETURNInstruction/command
GOTOJumps to a line numberInstruction/command
IFTests a condition IF … THEN or IF … GOTOInstruction/command
INPUTReads data from the keyboardInstruction
INPUT#Reads data from a file stored on peripheral deviceInstruction
INTRounds a numberFunction, numerical
LEFT$Left chars of a stringFunction, string
LENReturns the number of characters in a stringFunction, numerical
LETAssigns values in a variableInstruction/command
LISTDisplays the BASIC program in memoryInstruction/command
LOADLoads a programInstruction/command
LOGNatural logarithm with the basis eFunction, numerical
MID$Inner chars of a stringFunction, string
NEWClears RAM and programInstruction/command
NEXTProgram loop end (FOR … TO … STEP … NEXT)Instruction/command
NOTReverses true to falseOperator, logical
ONContruct ON … GOTO, ON … GOSUBInstruction/command
OPENOpens a file or a channelInstruction/command

ORReturns true if one or both conditions are trueOperator, logical
PEEKReturns the memory contentFunction, numerical
POKEChanges the content of any memory addressInstruction/command
POSDetermines the actual position of the cursorFunction, numerical, special
PRINTPrints data to the current output deviceInstruction/command
PRINT#Stores data in a fileInstruction/command
READReads constant values from DATAInstruction
RESTOREClears the pointer of the next data valueInstruction/command
RETURNFinishes a subroutine: GOSUB …  RETURNInstruction/command
RIGHT$Right chars of a stringFunction, string
RNDGenerates a random floating point numberFunction, numerical
RUNStarts a programInstruction/command
SAVESaves a programInstruction/command
SGNReturns the sign of a number (-1, 0, 1)Function, numerical
SINReturns the sine of an angle (rad)Function, numerical
SPC(Sets a number of spacesFunction, PRINT (Carry = 0!)
SQRCalculates square root of a numberFunction, numerical
STGets I/O status byteReserved variable
STEPProgram loop increment/decrement (FOR … TO … STEP … NEXT)Instruction/command, special

STOPBreaks a programInstruction/command
STR$Converts numerical values or variables into a stringFunction, string
SYSCalls an assembly language subroutineInstruction/command
TAB(Sets the cursor columnFunction, PRINT (Carry = 1!)
TANReturns the tangent for a given angle (rad)Function, numerical
THENTests a condition IF … THENInstruction/command, special
TIGets the system time (seconds/60)Reserved variable
TI$Gets or Sets the system time (HHMMSS)Reserved variable
TOProgram loop target (FOR … TO … STEP … NEXT)Instruction/command, special
USRCalls an assembly language subroutine with argumentFunction, numerical/string
VALReturns the numerical value of a stringFunction, numerical
VERIFYVerifies a saved programInstruction/command
WAITWaits for a memory location to assume specific valuesInstruction/command
+SumOperator, numerical/string
SubtractionOperator, numerical
*MultiplicationOperator, numerical
/DivisionOperator, numerical
^ExponentOperator, numerical
GreaterOperator, logical
=EqualOperator, logical
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LessOperator, logical
π (pi)3.1415926…Function, numerical, special

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Iscriviti al mio canale YouTube: ValorosoIT. Retro tecnologia, impianti stereo vintage, retro computer, esperimenti e prove. Retroprogrammazione, Basic. Commodore, IBM, Atari, Apple, Texas Instruments, Amstrad, MSX.

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