Complete list of commands Commodore CBM Basic V4.0 Commodore PET, CBM 3000, CBM 4000, CBM 8000, CBM 8032

Complete list of Commodore PET Basic V4.0 commands

In questo articolo, elenco la lista completa dei comandi, delle funzioni e delle variabili riservate del Basic V4.0 del Commodore PET. I computer che utilizzano il Basic V4.0 sono i CBM e PET delle serie 2001, 3000, 4000 e 8000. […]

Commodore PET, CBM 8032, retro computer, Personal Electronic Transactor, 1979 1980

Commodore PET, CBM 8032

Of this retro computer, the Commodore PET, CBM 8032, I have already made a couple of videos: when I bought it and when I tried it. The computer came from the United States, so it is powered by 110V alternating current. Of this [...]

Texas Instruments TI99-4A retro vintage computer, lot, beige white. CPU: TI TMS9900, 3.0 MHz, 16-bit. ROM: 26KB. RAM: 16KB (expandable). Video: TI TMS9918A VDP, 32 monochrome sprites, 16 colors, 40×24 characters, 256×192 pixels. Audio: TI TMS9919, later SN94624. Keyboard: QWERTY, 48 keys. Software included in ROM: TI BASIC. Expansion ports: - 1 Expansion port - 1 Audio/Video - 1 Tape drive port - 1 Joystick port (for 2 Joysticks)


The Texas Instruments TI-99/4A is a home computer manufactured between 1981 and 1983. The interesting aspect of the TI99/4A retro computer is the CPU: it already works at 16 bits. The standard home computers produced at that time, such as the Commodore [...]

Commodore 710, Commodore PET floppy Commodore 8250 LP. CPU: MOS 6509 a 2MHz (Zilog Z80 & Intel 8088 optional). ROM: 28 KB. RAM: 128 KB. Video: Text mode 80 characters x 25 lines, monochrome. Audio: MOS SID (same as Commodore 64, MOS 6581). Keyboard: 94 keys, with numeric keypad and programmable function keys. Software included in ROM: BASIC 4.0. Floppy disk drive: foreign (internal optional). Expansion ports: - 1 IEEE-488 - 1 Serial RS-232 - 1 Expansion port (for cartridges) - 1 Audio - 1 Port for Datassette (cassette player). Power supply: 220-240Vac, 130W, internal switching power supply.

Commodore 710

Commodore 710 “Porsche Design” with Commodore 8250LP, dual floppy disk drives, displayed in my office. Although this retro computer is often referred to as the Commodore 710 "Porsche Design", in reality it seems that it was never designed by Porsche Design [...]

Portable portable PC, IBM 5155. Year: 1984. Default programming language: Basic. QWERTY mechanical keyboard (Italian layout), 83 keys. CPU: Intel 8088, 4.77 MHz, with the possibility of expansion for 8087 math coprocessor. RAM: 512 KB (minimum 256 KB, expandable up to 640 KB). ROM: 40 KB. Text mode: 25 lines x 80 columns. Graphics mode: CGA, 320 x 200 pixels, 640 x 200 pixels. Monitor: integrated, 9 "CRT, amber color. Sound: beep. Dimensions and weight: 50 x 43 x 20 cm, 13.6 Kg. Serial and parallel port. Expansion ports: 7. Drive: 2 x 5" 1/4 disks floppy (360 KB). Operating system: PC-DOS 2.1

IBM 5155

This yes that was a good purchase! An IBM 5155 laptop. Spectacular! This time I went to pick it up personally, to avoid transport problems. Here is a short video that I made, related to the proof of this magnificent retro [...]

Commodore Plus4 Plus/4 3+1 CBM retro computer vintage

Commodore Plus/4

I had wanted a Commodore Plus/4 for a long time. I really like its design. In addition, it is equipped with Basic V3.5, with many more commands than the Commodore 64. Unfortunately I got it… not working. On the blog you will find videos related to unboxing, [...]

Atari 2600 long rainbow ms.pacman videogame joystick

Atari 2600 jr long rainbow

I recently purchased this Atari 2600 jr long rainbow, with MS. PAC-MAN cartridge and joystick, as not working. Fortunately, it only took a little deoxidizer on the various connectors, including the multipolar one where the game is housed. Now it works [...]

Pong Polistil console, with four games (Tennis, Football, Squash, Pelota), based on the IC TMS 1965 video game system

Polistil Pong Console

It adds, to my collection of retro computers and vintage electronics, a Pong Polistil console. It is a videogame (a retrogame, since time has passed since its release) of 1978. It was kindly given to me by close friends [...]

Commodore 128 vintage personal computer, retrocomputer

Commodore 128

The Commodore 128 is an 8-bit home computer manufactured by Commodore Business Machines between 1985 and 1989. It is also known as C128 and CBM128 and is compatible with the Commodore 64. It is a very versatile computer [...]

PCBWay PCB design contest 2022, printed circuit boards, designs, cover

PCBWay, PCB design contest

PCBWay is an online manufacturer of custom printed circuit boards. In addition to the creation of custom PCBs, anyone can publish their own project, available to other users of the PCBWay website. When a customer buys the printed circuit board, it is recognized [...]

Riparazione Commodore Plus4 Plus 4, 3 plus 1, TED CPU PLA, ValorosoIT

Commodore Plus/4 repair: TED, CPU and PLA

Today we talk about the repair of the Commodore Plus/4, which I had ordered on eBay. Do you remember? I had arrived with an inadequate packaging and, above all, not working ... Repair of the Commodore Plus/4, diagnosis of the fault In this first article of the repair of the Commodore [...]

Commodore SX-64 SX64 Crushed Damaged Destroyed eBay Transport, Cover, ValorosoIT

Damaged Commodore SX-64

Even today… sad video! I ordered on eBay a Commodore SX-64, the Commdore 64 executive: the "portable" version, to be clear. The eBay listing showed a perfect and working computer. The only flaw, declared by the seller, is the absence of the keyboard, which I should find [...]

Commodore Plus4 Plus 4 controversy diputa eBay reclamo restituzione ValorosoIT, William Shakespeare

I won the dispute on eBay! Commodore Plus/4

Many of you have asked me how the controversy on eBay ended, relating to the Commodore Plus/4, arrived defective, which I showed you in the last video. The situation went very well and, in this article, I will explain to everyone [...]

Reassemble Mount Sony PlayStation4 Pro, PS4 Pro, Mount Reassemble Assemble Assembly

How to re-assemble the PlayStation 4 Pro

Do you have the PS4 disassembled, because you cleaned it, and you don't know how to reassemble it? Did you change the thermal paste because the PS4 Pro fan was noisy? Have you replaced the battery? Well, after seeing how to disassemble the PS4 Pro and have [...]

Commodore Plus4 Plus 4 does not work disappointment ValorosoIT

Commodore Plus/4, unboxing and disappointment

I wasn't sure I wanted to publish this video, also because, in the end, I felt a huge DISAPPOINTMENT! Towards the middle of the video I start to be less cheerful! Here is the unboxing of a Commodore Plus/4 that I bought on eBay… with… disappointment! Some [...]

PlayStation4 Pro Cleaning Maintenance, Fan Cleaning, Processor Thermal Paste, Battery

PS4 Pro Thermal Paste Replacement

Welcome to the second article in the series dedicated to cleaning and maintaining the PlayStation 4 Pro! Let's see how to proceed with the replacement of the thermal paste of the PS4 Pro. Not only that, let's also see how to replace the CR2032 backup battery and how to clean [...]

Maintenance Cleaning PlayStation4 Pro, disassemble step by step tutorial open maintenance cleaning

How to disassemble the Sony Playstation 4 Pro

Have you just bought a used Sony PlayStation 4? Does the fan run so fast that your PS4 will soon take flight? Is the PS4 Pro too noisy? Well, let me tell you one thing: it's not normal. Fortunately, the solution [...]

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows PC, Screenshot Desktop Photo, Save Jpg Screen

How to take a Screenshot on PC, Windows

Here, immediately, some solutions: how to take a screenshot from Windows PC? A screenshot is a photo of the screen, snapshot, which you can paste into documents or you can save as a JPG image. It's like taking a picture of your computer monitor [...]

Basic Course, Command List Basic V7 Commodore 128, C128, Basic v7.0, Basic V7.0, Command List, Complete List of Basic V7 Commodore 128 Commands

Commodore 128 Basic V7 Command List

Here is the list of commands of the Basic V7 of the Commodore 128, with a simple explanation. This is a simple compendium to remember all the commands, instructions and functions, when you already know how to use them! The BASIC V7 of the [...]