Interface Cartridge TapeCart SD load fast games Commodore 64 TAP PRG TCRT

TapeCart SD for Commodore 64

Here is the review of the TapeCart SD, which was given to me by Vincenzo Santoro of The SD TapeCart that was given to me is a special version! It is an interface that connects to the datassette port of the Commodore 64 [...]

Atari 1040 ST F Atari ST Atari 1040ST Atari SM125 rear monitor computer mouse as a gift

A friend gave me an Atari 1040 ST!

Every now and then a good luck also happens. Look at what a friend gave me? It is an Atari 1040 ST F, with SM124 monitor. Along with the computer and monitor, there are also accessories. There is a box of diskettes, a [...]

The Final Cartridge III Plus Commodore 64 expansion card

The Final Cartridge III+, replica assembling tutorial

In this video article we talk about how to build a replica of The Final Cartridge III+. Let's see how to get the printed circuit board of the interface on PCBWay, how to solder all the electronic components and how to program the EPROM through the cheap programmer TL866II Plus. [...]

Penny Musical Record EaterSoung MusicalRape, Latest Retro Technology URRT

Penny Turntable: Let's See How It Works! The Latest Retro Technology Discovery

Welcome to the second episode of the column: "The Last Rediscover of Retro Technology"! We see the Penny disc player internally, clean it and analyze how it works. Country of production: Italy Producer: MusicalNastro, MusicalSound Model: Penny 222D Year of production: 1975 – 1988 Operating voltages: 220 Volt network [...]

Atari 1050 floppy disk drive, transformer power supply repair

Atari 1050 floppy disk drive: power supply repair and test!

Let's repair the power supply of the Atari 1050 floppy disk drive, which, in the previous video, had blown the power! Even if it's just a transformer, the repair made me sweat! I recommend, always unplug when working on electrical circuits: [...]

Commodore Amiga 500 A500 purchase and repair of accessories

Purchase and Repair of the Amiga 500: the never-ending story! # 1

Today I begin to tell you the never-ending story of the repair of the Amiga 500 that I bought last year and that I hoped to be able to use quickly! Purchase of the Amiga 500 I found an interesting advertisement on Facebook Marketplace. According to the seller, the computer was [...]

Vintage Atari 800XL computer, unboxing test and repair

Atari 800XL and Atari 1050 with shorted power supply!

I recently purchased an Atari 800XL, complete with Atari 1050 floppy disk drive. Here is the unboxing and the first boot… with short circuit! Before turning on a computer that has not been used for years, remember to follow the steps indicated in this video article. Tips [...]